About Gene W. Kelly

gene kellyAs a successful businessman, author, Napa Valley winery owner and founder and CEO of the Accelerated Technical Training Institute, Kelly knows first-hand where the 21st century American jobs will be and where the next generation of American millionaires is coming from: The trades. Gene knows from first-hand experience, as he never graduated from college yet has used his hands and his native smarts to become a “millionaire next door.”

Gene’s mission is to educate a new generation of young students to think twice before automatically choosing the college option. Before you decide to invest the time and money in a college degree, you owe it to yourself to read his book. The traditional college experience is based on a 19th century model that has little relevance to the 21st century world we live in. In The College Myth, Kelly shows you how to get an education that works for the 21st century at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional college education, and acquire it debt-free and with promising career prospects.


The College Myth Synopsis

Remember the housing bubble that collapsed in 2008? The causes look obvious in hindsight: easy credit overheated demand that lead to unsustainably high prices with catastrophic results.

The same thing is happening in college education. In The College Myth, Gene Kelly exposes higher education as an over-inflated bubble built on misinformation and debt. The truth is that college is not necessary to achieve success, and in many cases, it is an obstacle to success.

The College Myth might just be the pin that bursts this bubble. In the 21st century, the sure-fire route to financial success is learning the trades. Kelly shows how colleges are failing our young people by not teaching them the skills that will be in-demand in the 21st century as the United States fixes its infrastructure, and instead piling debt on students while preparing them for "knowledge-worker" jobs that are disappearing fast.



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